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  • Protein Powder Brands To Avoid

    Protein Powder Brands To Avoid

    I was in the gym earlier and talking to my buddies it turns out that we’ve all used a heap of different protein powders over the years. Why did we pick the ones we went for? Who knows, but it was probably whatever was on offer at Costco at the time, rather than anything more […]

  • Green Tea Brands To Avoid

    Green Tea Brands To Avoid

    I was recently introduced to green tea by a friend of mine. It tasted amazing and she told me about all the incredible health benefits of this drink. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it before! I decided to check it out online but found that there are a gazillion different brands to choose […]

  • Honey Brands To Avoid

    Honey Brands To Avoid

    I’m a big fan of honey, but I think it’s one of the most confusing foods to buy. Go to the store and you’ll see a vast array of jars and squeezy bottles of honey available. Different colors, various brands, local, national, and international. My usual method of picking one is to go for either […]

  • Stevia Brands To Avoid

    Stevia Brands To Avoid

    I was in the grocery store at the weekend and was amazed at the sheer variety of stevia brands that were available. There were liquids and sachets, powders and granules. I was so confused. How could I possibly choose the best one amongst all of these? So, I decided to do some research online to […]